4532 42nd Avenue SW

Project details

The site at 4532 42nd Ave SW is made up of two parcels with split zoning for 65’ and 85’ height limits. Situated mid-block, it is 14,000 sf in size and lies within the West Seattle Urban Village. The project will be a six-story multifamily building with roughly 5,500 sf of ground floor retail and 80 parking stalls located on one level of below grade parking, accessed off an adjacent alley. Seventy-seven residential units will be provided. Retail spaces will front 42nd Avenue SW and the five floors of residential units and building utilities will face the alley to the east. A roof deck is to be located on the 6th floor for use by all residents, along with a private mezzanine level for the southern units on the 5th floor. Terraces will be provided at several levels for east facing units, while other units on the south and east sides of the building will have balconies. Landscaping for the roof deck space will include planting strips, potted trees and furnishings. An additional planting area of small trees and shrubs will be located on the east side of the building on the above ground portion of the parking.


Location:            Seattle, WA
Area:                    89,342 SF

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