Harvard Hotel

Project details

Both a hotel and residential apartment building, this project is located in the ‘South Anchor District’ of Capitol Hill. Fronting Harvard Avenue, the 8,961 sf site is one block south of Denny and one block east of Broadway. The Seattle Community College Math & Science Building borders the south property line, a 65’ tall residential building sits to the north, and the Light Rail Station is located along the rear property line to the east.

The area’s NC3-40 zoning allows a maximum height of 65’ when residential uses are provided above 40’. This six-story building will contain four floors of guest rooms with 28 small efficiency and efficiency dwelling units above. Spaces for 15 vehicles will be provided on one level of below-grade parking. Amenity spaces will be shared.

Location: Seattle, WA
Area: 48,857 sf
Cost: TBD
Completion: TBD

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