Issaquah Highlands

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Project details

This two-building project is located on 94,511 sf of land situated between an urban edge that leads into the City of Issaquah and a more natural area to the north and east of the site that contains a wetlands area and pond with walking trail.

The form of the buildings is both organic and rectangular, interacting with their surroundings. Building 1, which is 70’ high, hugs the wetland trail at the North of the site. It contains the porte-cochere entrance at the lobby that has connections to the pocket park across the street. At its top level, it “locks” into Building 2. Building 2 is rectangular and addresses the adjacent retail buildings. One level lower, it provides the rooftop deck amenity. Together, the two buildings form a courtyard that opens out with views to the pond.

Both 2-bedroom townhouses and apartments are included in the project, for a total of 135 residential units. Averaging 1,000 sf, the project includes studios, 1, 2 and 3-bedrooms homes. Volumes set in and out of the facade provide outdoor living spaces and decks on multiple stories of the project. Two levels of below-grade parking provide 215 parking spaces, including accommodations for electric vehicles.

Per Issaquah Highlands requirements, the project will be designed as Built Green 4 Star Multifamily with green roofs and solar panels. Street facing landscaping will include more formal plantings, while those at the courtyard edges will become more informal. Native plants will be used throughout.

Location: Issaquah, WA
Size: 248,499 sf
Cost: TBD
Completion: TBD

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